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Parent/Carer Check In 

A 15 minute FREE consultation video call.


Are you stuck? It's not unusual to have a quick question or to need some guidance. Simply click on the button, fill in the details and we will be in touch to find a time suitable for you. 



Online Class

Who are the FREE sessions for? 

Any parent/carer experiencing parenting challenges or who have a quick question about their family wellbeing


How does it work? 

All of our video calls are on Google Meet. If you would prefer to just speak, you’re welcome to turn your camera off or we can arrange a telephone call. If you click the button above and fill in the details we will be in touch to work out a convenient time to call


Is the session online or in person?


How long is the session?

15 minutes

How much does this session cost?


What date and time?

A suitable time will be agreed with you when you go through the booking process using the button above

How will I join the call?

Once you have booked in with us you will be emailed a link prior to the session

Who will be taking the call?

Sophie, the Founder of Mindfulness for learning takes this session. You can find out more about Sophie here

Can I bring my child to the call?


Do I need to prepare anything?

No preparation is required

How do I book a call?

You can book a call using the button at the top of this page or email me at

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