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Kids clubs

At Mindfulness for learning we want to be with your children as much as possible, not only because it's our favourite part of the job but because they are the future.


We understand that the only way to be making real change is speaking and working with them directly. ​​

Clubs that create happy and emotionally intelligent kids! 

African american little girl sitting on the roll mat practicing meditate yoga in the park

Kids Storytelling Garden Yoga

Kids will love our very active and involved 40 minutes of story telling yoga followed by 5 minutes of relaxation and completed with a 15 minute follow up activity.


This block of sessions will be held outside in the sunshine, we cannot wait! There are only 3 spaces left so book now! 


Online Mini Mindfulness

Summer online mindfulness for primary aged children. 

Your children can check in for 4 x mindfulness sessions over the Summer Holidays for FREE!

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One-to-One Wellbeing sessions ​

A one-to-one tutor for wellbeing. Just as your child may require a tutor for maths or literacy they can also benefit from extra learning about how to look after their own mental health. 

Through a variety of planned activities including art, park trips, puppets and props we can explore emotions, the brain, anxieties and pressures your child may be experiencing. 

A great idea if you need some extra childcare as we can include school pick ups in your sessions too!

Arms Up

One-to-One Storytelling Kids Yoga

Alongside a certified yoga teacher, your child can tell exciting stories using yoga postures whilst exploring a variety of themes.

One-to-one sessions enable us to tailor an individual yoga journey ensuring your child can make personalised connections and use story to help them make sense of or manage stressful situations​.

What kids say...

"I liked that the yoga had a lot of imagination in it and we had a lot of creativity making it"

Please note...

Although we are experienced and knowledgable when it comes to the wellbeing of families and educators it is important to mention that we are not trained GP's, counsellors, therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists. If you are worried about an adult's or child's mental health please seek advice from your GP.


Please read our guide on what to expect when you visit your GP about your child's mental health and our Terms and Conditions.