Children in Yoga Class

What age are the Kids School Yoga sessions suitable for?

Ages 2-11

What do you do in your Kids School Yoga sessions?

We tell exciting stories using yoga postures, exploring a variety of themes. We can incorporate particular parts of the curriculum into our sessions too, so just let us know and we can write particular stories covering specific topics

Where do the sessions take place?

A school hall or a room large enough to fit in all children on yoga mats will be required to teach your Kids School Yoga sessions


What dates do you have available?

We can do one-off sessions or book in half or full termly. We can discuss suitable dates - just email us or use the button above and we aim to get back to you within 1 working day

How much do these sessions cost?

Our rates depend on several details such as timing, location and age groups. If you get in touch using the button above or emailing us at sophie@mindfulnessforlearning.com we can get a quote emailed over to you as quickly as possible

How do we pay you?

Once you have confirmed you would like us to work in your school we will send an invoice (via Stripe) for the whole block to secure your booking 

What time will the sessions be?

You can choose to have your Kids School Yoga sessions whenever best suits your school community. We can come and teach during your PE sessions, lesson time, breakfast clubs, lunch breaks and after school clubs

Who will take your Kids School Yoga sessions?

Our founder, Sophie Smith-Tong is a certified kids yoga teacher and takes our Kids Yoga sessions. She trained specifically in storytelling yoga with the very popular Cosmic Kids Yoga 

How long are the sessions?

1 hour, split up into a warm up, the main adventure part of the story and finishing with a short relaxation. We then follow up the session with a relevant activity

Why should our school introduce Kids Yoga?

The benefits of Kids Yoga are:

building strength

improving posture

maintaining flexibility

improving balance

developing coordination (physical and spacial awareness) 


encouraging healthier sleep patterns

confidence building 

encourages mindfulness

reducing stress and anxiety

building awareness of feelings

developing skills in self regulation and channelling of energy
developing imagination and communication skills 

developing critical thinking 
developing the ability to talk about feelings

developing empathy

enabling all children to feel valued and accepted

Can we get a refund if we change our minds?

You can find all information on payment, amendments and cancellations by reading our

Terms and Conditions 



Child age 8

"I liked the yoga because it kept us calm for a while"

Parent,  School Yoga

Baldur was telling me this evening that his class did yoga and he absolutely loved it. He told me about it in great detail, which is unusual as he tends to be rather cryptic when it comes to recounting what he gets up to at school. You seem to have made quite the impression!

Class teacher, School Yoga

"The children could all remember the stories and enjoyed them a lot!"