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We are now accepting bookings for the next 8 session block which starts on: TBC 


Parent, School Yoga

"James was really excited about it and was showing me the moves, he really liked the session and liked that there were stories with it!

Child age 7

"I liked the yoga because I like stretching and feeling positive"

Parent,  School Yoga

Baldur was telling me this evening that his class did yoga and he absolutely loved it. He told me about it in great detail, which is unusual as he tends to be rather cryptic when it comes to recounting what he gets up to at school. You seem to have made quite the impression!

What age are the sessions suitable for?

For children aged 3-4 years old

What do you do in your Kids Tiny Yoga sessions?

We tell exciting stories using yoga postures exploring a variety of themes, whilst practising balance using ball play, bubbles and song. 


Where do the sessions take place?

Islington, TBC

What dates are the sessions taking place?


Do I have to pay for all 8 sessions?

Yes, we ask for a block payment to cover all 8 sessions. We do not do drop in classes

How much do these sessions cost?

We ask for a block payment for all 8 sessions which is £80. We offer a Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) discount price which is £64, this is for families of children who receive PPG at school. You can find this out by asking at your child's school office. You can also pay the contribution price which enables us to ensure all families can access our services, this is £85. Please see terms and conditions for payment, refunds and exchange policies 

What time will the sessions be?


Will these sessions be drop-off sessions?

Yes, you are free to drop your child off and go and grab a coffee whilst we have fun on our yoga adventure. If your child still needs assistance using the toilet then we ask that you remain in the hall to support them. Should you choose to stay with us we kindly ask that you keep the noise levels to a minimum so as not to interrupt the class. We do find children work better when their parents/carers are not around however should your child struggle with separation we welcome your support

Will my child need to bring their own mat?

No, we will provide all of the yoga mats and any extra resources required for the session. All mats and resources will be cleaned between each class

How long are the sessions?

1 hour, split up into a warm up, the main adventure part of the story and finishing with a short relaxation. We then follow up the session with a relevant activity

Can I receive a refund for missed classes?

No, unfortunately you will not be able to get a refund for missed classes. Please make sure you know the dates (mentioned above) before booking. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more information on payment

Why should my child do Kids Yoga?

The benefits of Kids Yoga are:

building strength

improving posture

maintaining flexibility

improving balance

developing coordination (physical and spacial awareness) 


encouraging healthier sleep patterns

confidence building 

encourages mindfulness

reducing stress and anxiety

building awareness of feelings

developing skills in self regulation and channelling of energy
developing imagination and communication skills 

developing critical thinking 
developing the ability to talk about feelings

developing empathy

enabling all children to feel valued and accepted

How are the sessions Covid safe?

Please do not send your child to any of the sessions if they are showing symptoms of Coronavirus. Anybody whose child shows symptoms during the sessions will be contacted to collect their child.  Any adults running sessions will be completing a lateral flow test once a week and with a positive test result sessions will be rescheduled. All cancelled sessions will be communicated to you using the email address/mobile number you provide us with when signing up for the sessions. Masks will not be used in the session however distance will be maintained where possible

What should I do if the spaces have sold out?

We only allow 10 children to attend each session, this is to ensure your child is safe and that they get the most out of the sessions. Please get in touch if you want your child to go onto our waiting list. To ensure you do not miss out on any new and upcoming events you can sign up to our newsletter below.