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Mini Mindfulness Online

FREE online mindfulness for children aged 4-9. 

Book in for 2 x FREE, 20 minute online mindfulness sessions for your little ones in the February half term.


Sunday 12th and Monday 13th February 2023.  

"Lucia was able to absorb concepts and practical ways of incorporating mindfulness into her day-to-day experiences in a light and fun way. Thank you so much!"

Parent, Mini Mindfulness Sessions

Virtual Meditation

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that enables us to be present in the moment. By practising Mindfulness regularly we can explore our own minds, emotions and responses in day to day life and reduce our reactivity.  Learn more about mindfulness by listening to our founder chat Mindfulness on the TEACHSTRONG podcast

What are the dates of the sessions?

Sunday 12th and Monday 13th February 2023​

What time will the sessions be?

All calls will be open to start at 08.55 and end at 9.20am. This gives us time to let everyone into the call before we begin the practice. Once it reaches 9.05am we will stop admitting people to the call to prevent disturbing the session 

How long are the mindfulness sessions?

20 minutes

How much do the sessions cost?

All of our 20 minute sessions are FREE

How will I join the call?

Once you have booked a space with us you will be emailed a link to join the calls

Will I need to be with my child for the duration of the sessions?

It is advised that you remain close by incase your child needs your support using the computer and navigating the call


Does my child have to attend all of the sessions?

 Absolutely not! Although it would be beneficial to attend all sessions it is not required, just join us when you can

I have more than one child can they all attend?

Yes, if your children are between the ages of 4 and 9 your children can all attend. You might want to check out our Kids Clubs too!

How do I book a space for my child?

You can book using the button at the top of this page or email me at

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