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One-to-One Parent/Carer Support

A 40 minute one-to-one online meeting available as one-off or regular sessions. 

Designed to support you and your family needs, ranging from dealing with your child's anger to how to help your family eat healthily. If you believe it comes under the wellbeing umbrella then it is likely we can help.

£25 for a single session or £105 (15% off) for 5 sessions.

*sessions take place during evenings/weekends throughout school term time, with additional availability during school holidays

"Sophie's 1:1 sessions have helped me to make sense of my son's behaviour and she has come up with some creative and playful ways to ease him through his worries. What's more, she has offered strategies and support for my own anxieties, which was above and beyond what I expected! Thank you Sophie. I know the parenting road ahead will be a rocky one, but I feel a whole lot readier and steadier with you there to guide me."

Parent, One-to-One Parent Support

Working at Home

What are these sessions for?

These sessions are to discuss any wellbeing issues in your family life that you feel you need to share, explore and reflect on. It will help you to develop an understanding of the situation you are in and support your response. Examples of family matters that arise include children who are struggling to leave the house, children feeling anxious when leaving for school, parents feeling unable to cope with a child's strong emotions or limiting a child's screen time. If it falls under the wellbeing umbrella then it is likely we can help

What if you can't help with what I want to discuss?

We will be able to tell you before your session whether the things you want to discuss are something we can work on. Please email us if you are unsure as to if the sessions will benefit you. If we feel we can't help then we'll direct you to organisations or charities who can hopefully move things forward for you at no cost 

Are the sessions in person or online?

These sessions are online

What dates do you have available and how do we book our time slot with you?

The dates and times of your sessions will be agreed with you following your purchase. We will send you an email within 24 hours of receiving your order to organise a time for your sessions that suits you.  Sessions take place during evenings/weekends throughout school term time, with additional availability during school holidays 

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are 40 minutes each, you can book one session or a block booking of 5 sessions

How much do the sessions cost?

£25 per session or £105 (15% off) for 5 sessions

How will I join the session?

Once you have booked a time with us you will be emailed a video call link to attend your session in the week prior to the booking

Can my child attend the session?

It depends on the issues we are discussing and the age of the child. Older children are more able to be involved in the conversation and it is good to discuss your family wellbeing journey with them. Small children are unlikely to participate in an online conversation but we do have lots of Kids Clubs should you feel they need some activity for their wellbeing. If you are unsure I would advise joining your initial session without children and we can decide if they would benefit from joining future sessions

Who will be taking our online session?

The Founder of Mindfulness for learning takes all parent one-to-one sessions. You can find out more about Sophie Smith-Tong here

Is this a therapy session?

No, this is not a therapy session. Although Sophie is experienced and knowledgable when it comes to the wellbeing of families and educators it is important to mention that she is not a trained GP, counsellor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. If you are worried about your child's mental health please seek advice from your GP. You can read our guide of what to expect when you visit your GP about your child's mental health here.

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