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Positive Parenting

*If you are looking to book a private/workplace session or for a large group of people please email for a quote

An online online session on parenting using mindful and positive approaches to emotions and behaviour.


Responding to children can be tricky when life is so busy. Learn how and why children communicate the way they do and discover ways to develop the ability to respond rather than react when your child is struggling to communicate effectively.

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What will I learn in this session?

  • How children communicate their emotions

  • Stages of development and what that means for communicating and behaviour

  • Develop an understanding of a child's perspective 

  • Skills to respond to each emotion effectively and calmly

Is the session online or in person?


How long is the session?

40 minutes + Q and A

How much does this session cost?

£3 per booking. If you are booking for your workplace or for a large group of people please email for a quote

What date and time?

A suitable time can be arranged when you contact us

How will I join the session?

Once you have booked in with us you will be emailed a link prior to the session

Who will be taking the online session?

Sophie, the Founder of Mindfulness for learning takes this session. You can find out more about Sophie here

Can I bring my child to the session?

The session is for parents and carers only. If you are looking for something for your child you can explore our Kids Clubs

Do I need to prepare anything?

Just bring yourself and something to share about your challenges and wins when approaching your child's behaviour (optional)

How do I book a space?

You can book a space using the button at the top of this page or email me at

What should I do if you are fully booked?

Email us at to let us know you would like to put your name on our waiting list and sign up below to receive regular updates on our latest events

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