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Guilt free screen time

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

*please note that the live sessions are now back and are as magical as they were pre lockdown - sign up for their newsletter to receive show updates.

Want your little ones to engage in some screen time without the parent guilt? Then this is for you. Welcome to a different kind of screen time.

Mrs H and the Singalong Band used to do regular shows in London, the live sessions were pure joy and chaos for children and adults alike and all sessions were donation funded so had the added bonus of being available to all.

Now that the band are unable to do their live shows they have embarked on creating short, 20 minute TV shows for children and they are just wonderful! All of your favourites plus some newbies; it is TV that you can put on for your child, guilt free. Packed full of singing, actions, interacting and learning! They bring so much happiness that when your child asks to watch it, it's is a sin to say no.

On top of this, Helen’s regular creative segment is so charming and calming that even I (a year into lockdown) am feeling motivated to get involved with her suggested creative activities.

If you haven't already, then get involved!

You can find the YouTube shows below and if you can donate then please do so on their website to ensure they can continue to look after the wellbeing of our young children.


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