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Starting School

Explore how you can prepare yourself and your little one for starting primary school.

From uniforms and packed lunches to toileting and learning styles we will take you through as much detail as we can about what change school life may bring to your family.

“This info is gold! Thank you all so much, plenty to be planning and getting on with!”

Parent, Starting School

Pay for your 1 hour session below and we will be in touch to book a suitable time for you



*If you are looking to book a private/workplace session or for a large group of people please email for a quote

School Kids

What will I learn in the session?

What to expect for your family in your child's first term and year at primary school. We will cover topics such as uniform, toileting, eating at school alongside what to expect from your child's teacher, the curriculum and development and whatever else you want to explore! 


What dates do you have available and how do we book our time slot with you?

The dates and times of your sessions will be agreed with you following your purchase. We will send you an email within 24 hours of receiving your order to organise a time for your sessions that suits you.  Sessions take place during evenings/weekends throughout school term time, with additional availability during school holidays


Is the session online or in person?


How long is the session?

40 minutes + Q and A

How much does this session cost?

£10 per booking. If you are booking for your workplace or for a large group of people please email for a quote

How will I join the session?

Once you have booked a time slot with us you will be emailed a link the week prior to the session

Who will be taking our online session?

Sophie, the Founder of Mindfulness for learning takes this session. You can find out more about Sophie here

Can I bring my child to the session?

The session is for parents and carers only. If you are looking for something for your child you can explore our Kids Clubs


Do I need to prepare anything?

Just bring yourself and something to share about your hopes and concerns (optional!)

How do I book a space?

You can book a space using the button at the top of this page or email me at

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