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One-to-One Tutoring

One hour (online or in-person) one-to-one tutoring for your child's wellbeing and personal, social and emotional development.


Just as your child may require a tutor for maths or literacy they can also benefit from extra learning about how to look after their own mental health, develop their emotional intelligence and help to guide them through managing new experiences and situations.


Through a variety of planned fun activities including art, park trips (in person only), puppets and props we explore emotions, the brain, anxieties and pressures your child may be experiencing.

£40 for a single session or £170 (15% discount) for a block of 5 sessions.

*sessions take place during evenings/weekends throughout school term time, with additional availability during school holidays

"My daughter was feeling down about missing school after an accident and Sophie’s one-to-one session with her worked absolute wonders. Sophie’s creative approach captured the imagination and had a huge impact. My daughter still uses the techniques she learned from Sophie to manage her mental wellbeing. Sophie definitely has a magic touch with children."

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Jumping in the Leaves

What will my child learn in their one to one sessions?

  • how to manage their emotions using a range of techniques such as mindfulness, movement and breath work 

  • forming valuable connections and friendships

  • how their brain works

  • building resilience for difficult times

  • how to share and get along with others 

  • finding value in both differences and similarities in others 

  • communicating effectively

  • how to look after their bodies with food, exercise and sleep

  • This session includes a summary document which will be emailed to you outlining what we have covered in the session

What do you do in the sessions?

The sessions will explore a range of topics (as mentioned above) using a variety of activities including playing games, reading, outdoor activity, trying new foods, music, movement and mindfulnessThis session includes a summary document which will be emailed to you outlining what we have covered in the session.

How far will you travel to work with my child?

Sophie Smith-Tong is able to work with children living in London in zones 1 and 2. If you are further than this then please email us before booking so that we can discuss other options such as online sessions if we feel appropriate 

What dates do you have available and how do we book our time slot with you?

The dates and times of your sessions will be agreed with you following your purchase. We will send you an email within 24 hours of receiving your order to organise a time for your sessions that suits you. Sessions take place during evenings/weekends throughout school term time, with additional availability during school holidays 

My child seems happy can I still book in a session?

Absolutely! The ideal situation is that we develop these skills so that they can deal with difficult situations before they arise. These sessions are light and fun and are not interrogative or unsettling 

What are the dates of the sessions?

The date and time of your sessions will be agreed with you when you email us ​

Are the sessions online or in person?

The sessions will be most beneficial in person however online sessions can be arranged if it is preferable​ or if in person is unavailable

Where do the sessions take place?

This will be discussed and arranged in our emails before booking​. The sessions can take place in a variety of places such as local parks, schools, at Sophie's home, your home or online


Can I stay with my child for the session?

It is recommended that parents drop off their child but please speak to Sophie regarding any concerns you have about this by emailing us at Sophie is DBS checked and has attended safeguarding training. All session content will be shared with parents and carers following each session in person and via email. If the session is online it is advised that you are close by in case your child needs your help in navigating the call

How long are the one-to-one sessions?

1 hour  

How much do the sessions cost?

£40 for one session or £170 for a block of 5 sessions


How many sessions does my child need to attend?

A minimum of 1 and as many as you would like! We offer a 15% discount for a block of 5 sessions

Can more than 1 child attend the sessions?

If a group of you would like your children to attend together we can tutor up to 4 children at one time​ but please note this will cost more than it would for one child

How do I book a space for my child?

Make a booking enquiry using the button at the top of this page or email us at

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