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For educators

At Mindfulness for learning we are aware of and understand the range of challenges educators are facing in the current climate. From managing workload and self-care to preparing for Ofsted inspections and observations, teaching can be really tough!

With our founder being an experienced teacher we are fully equipped to talk you through these challenges. This is why we offer a range of webinars and events to help you through the difficult times and celebrate your wins! 

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To book a staff session please email us here for a quote and initial consultation. 




What educators say...

"I absolutely adore Sophie's approach. Her kindness and care permeates all she does. I have learned so much and it is already having a big impact on my daily life- moment by moment. I will continue to practice mindfulness using Sophie's ideas and structures. Each session was planned well and everyone was valued. Thank you!"

Please note...

Although we are experienced and knowledgable when it comes to the wellbeing of families and educators it is important to mention that we are not trained GP's, counsellors, therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists. If you are worried about an adults or child's mental health please seek advice from your GP.


Please read our guide on what to expect when you visit your GP about your child's mental health and our Terms and Conditions.

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