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Have a look at all the wonderful things people are saying about us! 

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The parents/carers, children and educators share their experiences of Mindfulness for learning services. 


"Both of my children love you so much. You made a real impact in their lives."

"The course has had such a positive impact on my day to day life. I was a complete novice before starting the course and perhaps a little sceptical. Sophie is so warm and knowledgeable and I was hooked from the start. The group has now created a mindfulness community where we share our practice and any tips. Thank you, thank you Mindfulness for Learning!"

"...automatically warmed to Sophie and wanted to share her knowledge of the brain that she head learned (guard dog). She already has asked when her next session is!"

UCL, Institute of Education
PGCE Student Wellbeing

"Sophie just adding my big thanks- you were absolutely brilliant! Just so memorable and impactful!"

"I liked rolling on our backs, I'm not that good at balancing so it was good doing it without falling"

"Yoga was really great to do after the SATs exam it made me calm."

"I absolutely adore Sophie's approach. Her kindness and care permeates all she does. I have learned so much and it is already having a big impact on my daily life- moment by moment. I will continue to practice mindfulness using Sophie's ideas and structures. Each session was planned well and everyone was valued. Thank you!"

EYFS Coordinator

“What a difference you made! The children are so lucky to have you. The best EYFS results ever!”

“Sophie's 1:1 sessions have been bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of myself and my child. They have helped me to make sense of my son's behaviour, and she has come up with some creative and playful ways to ease him through his worries. What's more, she has offered strategies and support for my own anxieties, which was above and beyond what I expected! Thank you Sophie. I know the parenting road ahead will be a rocky one, but I feel a whole lot readier and steadier with you there to guide me.”

UCL, Institute of Education
PGCE Student Wellbeing

"You were BRILLIANT!! It fitted in so well with all that had been said and was so effective and impactful coming from you who had been through the programme and been teaching and also going on to do this really important work. It was perfect and we were so privileged to have you present"

“The encouragement and advice you gave me, made me feel happy in what I was doing for the first time in a long while. You became my friend as well as the person I was inspired by, I'm grateful for that more than anything!”

"My daughter was feeling down about missing school after an accident and Sophie’s one-to-one session with her worked absolute wonders. Sophie’s creative approach captured the imagination and had a huge impact. My daughter still uses the techniques she learned from Sophie to manage her mental wellbeing. Sophie definitely has a magic touch with children."

"I can't believe how much calmer and relaxed I felt after each session! I think so many staff could benefit from taking part in this course. It can be very hard, especially in this profession, to stop and take time to focus on ourselves, but by signing up to this course I was giving myself, and permitting myself time to do this! It can be difficult to start on your own so it was really nice to share experiences in a safe and welcoming group environment and Sophie is so knowledgeable. I feel like I now have the tools to further develop my own mindfulness practice, the sessions were also really helpful in giving me coping mechanisms for dealing with everyday stresses and challenges. This course reminded me of just how beneficial practising, even just a little bit, of mindfulness on a regular basis can be, for my wellbeing and overall state of mind!"

“The children loved the Yoga Story telling sessions and went home with lots of stories to tell.”

"I liked the yoga because it kept us calm for a while"

Teaching Assistant

"I really hope that I can have half of the fun, imagination and valuable impact that you have as a teacher"

"James was really excited about it and was showing me the moves, he really liked the session and liked that there were stories with it!"

"Children could all remember the stories and enjoyed them a lot!"

“Baldur was telling me this evening that his class did yoga and he absolutely loved it. He told me about it in great detail, which is unusual as he tends to be rather cryptic when it comes to recounting what he gets up to at school. You seem to have made quite the impression!”

“I was very impressed with the workshop and my class will continue in learning about mindfulness. Thank you!”

"Thank you so much I think the children really benefited from the sessions they definitely needed to de-stress after the exams and the sessions were so good for them. It also gave most of them the opportunity to do yoga in a proper class for the first time and realise the benefits."

"Arthur came back from school today saying he did yoga and he really enjoyed it. Thank you!"

"Lucia was able to absorb concepts and practical ways of incorporating mindfulness into her day-to-day experiences in a light and fun way. Thank you so much!"

"I liked that the yoga had a lot of imagination in it and we had a lot of creativity making it"

“I liked the parts where you had fun objects like the brain and the finger puppets - the visuals were helpful. I also thought the story was a good choice & that it was nice to have a few calming/ mindfulness strategies in there. Thank you for the workshop!”

"Amazing course. I loved it and have implemented it into my daily life. Thank you Sophie"

"I have come away with several new "lightbulb moment" perspectives, and some new strategies, which A and I can try to work on together. I continue to be grateful for your help, humanity and wisdom."

“Thank you for this. I've been meaning to have a family session with teenagers about how things are going but this has spurred me on and given me some ideas as to how to frame it, versus it being seen as being nosey or intrusive parenting.”

"I liked the yoga because I like stretching and feeling positive"

“Thank you, it's been a very good session, I have certainly learnt a lot. Thanks”

“Sophie's course was great! It was engaging and I learnt lots of theory as well as practical tips to support children with behaviour. I have already used it in my classroom and have seen a huge difference in the way children talk about their behaviour and how they approach choices.”

“Amazing session - thank you very much!”

“Thank you so much! I learned quite a bit! I'd love to see the list of acronyms as that was quite eye opening”

“Really great way of mixing practical with theory and experience. Sophie was confident and engaging.”

“Thank you, this has been really helpful!”

“This workshop has completely changed the way I approach mealtimes. From introducing a new meal every week to not offering pudding as a reward - I learnt so many tips and ideas that have made the whole experience of family dining so much more enjoyable!”

“An invaluable service. Sophie understands children and what makes them tick. She is considerate, knowledgeable and practical, even when dealing with extremely sensitive subjects. Sophie remembers that children and parents are human beings, when so many institutions forget this. Thank you so much!”

“Amazing, useful session” 

“The session was really informative and gave a lot of insights, I found it really useful as a parent of a 3 year old who needs to start looking for schools”

"...a great set of actions we can take as a family unit."

“Another amazing session. Opening my eyes to how my child will feel. Reassuring me with guiding principles and ideas.”

“Thanks so much Sophie, that is all so heartwarming! She has really "grown" through these sessions, we’re so grateful!! You are amazing! ! !”

“This info is gold! Thank you all so much, plenty to be planning and getting on with!” 

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