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Yoga Pose

What age are these sessions suitable for?

For children aged 3-11 years old

What do you do in your Kids One-to-One Yoga sessions?

We tell exciting stories using yoga postures, exploring a variety of themes. We use the one-to-one session to tailor to an individual yoga journey ensuring they make personalised connections with what they are currently experiencing or use the stories to take them away from stressful situations


Where do the Kids One-to-One Yoga sessions take place?

Sophie's home or your home. This can be discussed when making your booking 

What dates do you have available?

 Availability can be discussed when booking using the button above. You can either book a one-off session or a block booking of 8 sessions

How much do these sessions cost?

The standard cost of one session for one child is £20, the Pupil Premium Grant discounted price is £15 and the contribution cost (for those that want to donate a bit more) is £25. If you are not sure if your child receives a Pupil Premium Grant you can ask their school and they will be able to let you know. If you want to book in the block of 8 sessions the price is discounted and is £140 standard, PPG £100 with the contribution cost at £180

What time will these sessions be?

We run sessions anytime during the week, we are closed over the weekend and during school holidays. Availability can be discussed when booking

Will this session be a drop-off session?

Yes, if you decide to have the sessions at Sophie's home you are free to drop your child off and go and grab a coffee whilst we have fun on our yoga adventure. However if the sessions take place at your home you are, of course, free to be around. Children tend to work better and more freely when their parents are not in the same room but this is completely your decision

Will my child need to bring their own mat?

No, we will provide a yoga mat and any extra resources required for the session. All mats and resources will be cleaned between each class. If the sessions are at your home and you have a yoga mat then this is preferable

How long are your one-to-one sessions?

45 minutes, split up into a warm up, the main adventure part of the story and finishing with a short relaxation

Can I receive a refund for missed classes?

No, unfortunately you will not be able to get a refund for missed classes that have been pre-booked unless you give us enough notice. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more information on payment and cancellation policies

Why should my child do Kids Yoga?

The benefits of Kids Yoga are:

building strength

improving posture

maintaining flexibility

improving balance

developing coordination (physical and spacial awareness) 


encouraging healthier sleep patterns

confidence building 

encourages mindfulness

reducing stress and anxiety

building awareness of feelings

developing skills in self regulation and channelling of energy
developing imagination and communication skills 

developing critical thinking 
developing the ability to talk about feelings

developing empathy

enabling all children to feel valued and accepted

There is no availability, will you be doing further Kids One-to-One Yoga sessions?

Please get in touch if you want your child to go onto our waiting list. To ensure you do not miss out on any new and upcoming events you can sign up to our newsletter below.  


Child, aged 7

"I liked rolling on our backs, I'm not that good at balancing so it was good doing it without falling"

Parent, School Yoga

"Arthur came back from school today saying he did yoga and he really enjoyed it. Thank you!"

Child aged 7

"I liked that the yoga had a lot of imagination in it and we had a lot of creativity making it"

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