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Oh dear.

Sophie Smith-Tong

23 Jul 2023

I am on crutches!

After a bit of pressure I took part in a very modest Teacher Race during Sports Day.

The morning after I had pain in my foot but I suffer with the condition Fibromyalgia so I am very used to painful flare ups. I continued to hobble around school, climb ladders and put in the steps around our school setting for 5 more days.

After a lot of walking on Saturday I got home that evening feeling sick with the pain. A visit to A and E confirmed that I had damaged soft tissue in my left foot and was told that I have 4 weeks to recover on crutches. It's not the summer break I was hoping for and I feel sad that I will not be able to run around in the park with my children but I know that I am extremly lucky to have family around me and that I will eventually heal.

I am especially sorry to the children who had booked in Kids Garden Yoga this year but I am so excited to see you next year back at the community gardens.

Thank you for all the amazing messages and emails of support - I don't know what I would do without my Mindfulness for learning community.

Lots of Love

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