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"More Info. Less Weird."

Struggling to find the words. Wondering if it's the right time?

Sex, health and relationship education can be tricky but make it super straightforward.

Amaze provide parents/carers and educators with short animations tackling challenging topics ranging from menopause and puberty to gender identity and periods. With a whole separate series for younger children (Amaze Jr) these animations provide up to date, clear and concise explanations of topics that can feel really complex.

I advise watching the short animations before your child to prepare for post animation convo and to check that you feel the content is appropriate for you child. After all age is just a number - individual children have differing experiences and knowledge.

Best of luck and please do email us if you need any further advice.

Listen to our podcast episode exploring sex education with Sophie Whippy here. Read our post on Gender in the classroom here.


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